How it works

What’s a QR code?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that were created in Japan in the mid 1990’s. They were soon adopted by the Japanese auto industry and their popularity took off from there.  The QR in the name stands for “Quick Response.”  A QR code can hold thousands more characters than a barcode (which tops out at around 20 characters), making them perfect for encoding URLs and other content and data.

QR codes can be read by any smartphone with a QR scanner app installed on it. There are a lot of free apps to choose from and they just take a minute to install (we’ve had great luck with QR Code Reader). The next generation of smartphones may come pre-loaded with QR apps, which will make them even easier to use.

Types of QR codes

There are two different types of QR codes – static and dynamic. A static QR code can be generated for free and doesn’t require an account with a QR code generator (like, which we use for all our QR codes). The characters of the URL are embedded directly into the QR code as part of the picture, so a static code can never be modified to point to a different URL.

A dynamic code, on the other hand, is usually associated with a short URL that acts as an alias. The alias is embedded into the QR code, but behind the scenes it can be changed to point to any website at any time. This requires an account with a QR code generator (and almost always a monthly fee) because the alias needs to be stored somewhere and easily accessible if you need to make a change to it. The type of flexibility offered by a dynamic QR code is critical for something like an online memorial because you never want to end up with a headstone or plaque that points to a website that no longer exists. With a dynamic QR code you are in control.

The other good thing about a dynamic QR code is that the design itself is less complicated (because it’s only embedding a very small URL into the design versus something potentially much longer). This makes it easier to engrave and easier to scan with a QR reader, and also means it can be sized smaller.

Why our service is better

We believe that a QR code is the perfect way to extend a headstone or memorial or plaque. One small QR code can lead to a vast amount of content, photos, and videos. But we think that YOU should be in control of that content. Most other companies provide you with a static QR code that requires you to house your loved one’s tribute page on their website, adhere to their design templates, and often pay for years on end to keep that page up and running. With us, you have all the control and flexibility you need. Our goal is simply to make this whole convoluted process easy for you.