QR Code Service

We are refining our additional products and services, but are very pleased to offer this service right off the bat.

QR Code – Base Package: $50

QR CodeSometimes the hardest part is just knowing where to obtain a QR code, what type of QR code you need, and how to get a really crisp sharp image of that QR code to your printer or engraver so that it reproduces well on whatever they’re designing. A QR code doesn’t leave much room for error – if the design is off it can’t be scanned by a smartphone, and if you pick the wrong type of QR code you’ll  never be able to change what website it points to. We’ve learned all this the hard way and can make this whole process really easy for you.

What’s included:

Dynamic QR Code
We’ll obtain a dynamic QR code for you and have it point to whatever website you specify (Facebook Memorial page, Obituary, etc.). Dynamic QR codes are editable and can be changed to point from one website to another. We’ll store and manage that QR code for you and redirect it to a different URL at your request (first redirect is free, additional redirects are $10/each).  We can also transfer control of the QR code over to you at any time.

Design Specifications
We’ll send you a high resolution artwork file of your QR code that you can give to your printer or engraver (or use yourself in programs like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, etc.), plus straightforward design guidelines to help ensure that your QR code works beautifully wherever it is displayed.

Total production time: 24-48 hours.

How to Purchase

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  3. We will contact you via email shortly thereafter to ask where you’d like to point your QR code and to send you the Design Specifications.

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If you have any trouble with this transaction at all, please contact us at info@eternallifememorials.com.